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We take pride in sourcing locally grown ingredients and manufacturing our products in Vietnam. With its fertile lands and sustainable agricultural practices, Vietnam offers a rich array of high-quality ingredients. We ensure the production of top-notch products that meet international standards while supporting local communities and promoting the country's vibrant economy.

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Our products are 100% sourced from Vietnam. Enjoy the authentic experience!

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Our aim is to create a beautiful world for the future. We try to minimize our footprint wherever we can!

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All of our ingredients are locally sourced, giving you the freshest experience.


Plant Based
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Nước Mắm Chay

Nước Mắm Chay, our cornerstone product Vegan Fish Sauce is plant-based and gluten-free. The only possible vegan substitute for fish sauce is soya sauce, but it is not gluten-free… therefore, we are the ^only and^ best solution!

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They’ve tried it, they love it!

With a first hint of saltiness followed by more complex layers reminding of dry shrimps, white fish and ripe pineapple skin. This alternative sauce is already a must in my pantry.

Bruno Loubet

Willow Vale Cooking School, 
In 2013, Bruno opened Grain Store in Kings Cross, London, a vegetable driven restaurant winning Sustainable Restaurant of the Year in 2016. "We showed people you can eat good food by eating less meat."

Nước Mắm Chay (Plant Based Fish Sauce) is such a fun product, whether you are marinating chicken, brushing it on beef for dry aging or using it in a salad, it’s ability to lift a dish is incredible. You can expect to find it on the shelves of both my restaurant and my home kitchen.

Nathan Green

Executive Chef at REX Wine & Grill and KILO Steakhouse,
Hong Kong

We have tasted the Nước Mắm Chay (Plant Based Fish Sauce) as a marinade for steak as well as in a Thai meal and in both cases, the results were excellent.  I thought that the steak was particularly interesting and delicious, as the Nước Mắm Chay added depth of flavor without becoming too funky or salty. Based on these experiences, I would definitely recommend Nước Mắm Chay to anyone looking for a vegan alternative to traditional fish sauce.

John Hill

Etak International Food Export,
Hong Kong

We have used this Nước Mắm Chay (Plant Based Fish Sauce) in both our Western and Asian cooking. Being non vegetarians, we tried the sauce side by side in dishes that we often make and find the results just as delicious. It is slightly less salty than other brands of fish sauce yet provides much depth of flavor with a slightly funky mushroom-y aroma.  We thought the use of pineapple as the main ingredient super interesting and will incorporate this into our cooking more often, especially on veggie nights!

Daphne Sun

Independent Jewelry Designer,
Hong Kong

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